Posted on: May 29, 2008 11:52 am

I have a problem....

So, I need some advice. here 's the issue.

Last season, I took a trip to Boston to see my old military buddy (that's code for, yes we dated back in the day) who lives there and is a Pats fan.  Well, being of the football conscious mind, I planned my trip right when the skins played the Pats and we went to the game.  Now, you remember this was right off the heels of spygate and the Pats were murdering every team they played.  Not as bad as they murdered us of course, worst game I had ever been to. There I am with 10 min left in the 4th quarter and I am just disgusted. Score 52-7 maybe? I started yelling go "Rockies" as it was Game 4 of the world series with the Red Sox sweeping. I know, pathetic right?

Anyone that's ever been to that stadium, I nicknamed it the Razor, knows you have to walk two miles to the parking lots, so my #28 Darrell Green jersey was getting lots of attention.  I am just done with this city and it's fans. Get my mental state yet?  Ok, well after coming home and our season ending in the playoffs, I found myself rooting against those pats every week. Willing them to lose, end of the perfecto.

So, my buddy that I stayed with, we would trade text messages after sundays, harmless right? Well, after the superbowl debacle and his team lost, I couldn't resist picking up the phone and leaving him the drunk, I am so glad your team lost,( next morning wish I could take this back) message.  Was it obnoxious? yes. Was it unsolicited? yes. Did I have to leave it? absolutely.

Bottom line, he won't talk to me anymore.  This is someone I have been friends with for 20 years. I have called, left messages, texts, emails, nothing. I did call him that next day and apologize for my rudeness.  That was four months ago. What should I do? leave him alone, he'll come around? if he doesn't , oh well?





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Posted on: April 7, 2008 10:19 am

The off-season blues

So, another NCAA march madness is  almost over, thank god.  That is the one thing my boyfriend does not understand about me.  I love sports but I just can't get into basketball.  I try to use the rationale with him that I can watch the last 5 minutes of a  game, which can prove to be more than 20 minutes long sometimes because of the fouls and timeouts, and be totally satisfied.  If he is watching a game that is early on and the score is 4 to 8 I totally zone out.  He doesn't understand of course, and then when I don't want to watch sportscenter and prefer the NFL Network he gets upset stating there's nothing really going on in Football, it's the offseason, blah blah blah.

The draft is fast approaching, I am bummed to be missing the Fed-Ex party this year, I usually take my girls and attend it.  It's a good time and the kids love it.  Don't feel sorry for me though, I won a trip through work will still be in Jamaica. :-)  Who will Vinny and the regime of Zorn choose? I have loved the fact that our off-season has been fairly quiet, just resignings and a few low key acquisitions.  The Danny haters haven't had much to blog about lately, but I am sure they will find some fault in atleast one decision that is going to be made. LOL

I made a post about the whole "spygate" issue, that if we still had Tagliabue as the commish, would this thing have become such a circus? I think not.  I just want the whole thing overwith, one way or the other.  The fact that this Walsh won't come forward is raising some doubt as to what he has, but then again it could be so powerful that it's going rock many nfl boats. 

The pre-season schedule has been posted, already I am making plans to go to Carolina for the Saturday night matchup and catch up with some military buddies I haven't seen in awhile who have season tix.  Wahoo!

Now all I need is positive momentum going into training camp from our Fabulous Draft...wishful thinking but a girl can wish can't she? Only 4 months to go....SIGH.



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Posted on: February 8, 2008 1:48 pm
Edited on: February 8, 2008 1:56 pm

Skinsgal99's Football Challenge

Did you know that 43% of all football fans are us "girls".  That's right, amazing isn't it.  What's more amazing is the fact that just now has there been a movement in the football gear we are supposed to wear.  I can't tell you the endless number of xmas and birthday gifts with my teams(skins) logo on it that the first thought that comes to my mind is " Guess I am wearing that potato sack to bed". I mean, really.

How challenging is it to support our favorite teams and still resemble a shapely woman? VERY.  I know I get the sideways looks in pre-season and September games because of my choice of footwear.  It's hot, so I want to wear my open-toe high heel strappy sandals and show my painted toes, another myth dispelled about girls that follow the game.  It doesn't get any better in the winter months, as my choice moves to the stilletto knee high boots much to the chagrin of my boyfriend.  In my defense, I always manage to point out to him a few of the other women (you know who you 3 are) that are wearing them as well.

They kicked off this whole craze with the "pink" jerseys which led to gold, butter yellow and for god sake's sparkles.  Bottom line, they all are ridiculous.  My team is NOT pink or sparkly, get rid of them.  I can see if there was a purpose behind some of them, maybe all proceeds going to Breast Cancer Research, but it's gotten out of control.  The next lame attempt was some strings sewn together over one shoulder in your teams colors, have you seen these? thumbs down, if I want to go braless it's going to be in BCBG or BEBE, not to a stadium with thousands of over intoxicated men  who think they are Joe Namath reincarnated.

I've often been in the ladies room line watching, taking fashion notes but mostly feeling sorry for the majority of jersey girls hanging to their knees, two sizes too big, tennis shoes that look like they mowed the grass in and the ever loving baseball cap.  It's not your fault, the choices are slim to none, we know.  It's not a fashion runway but we can still try to appear feminine. That ticket doesn't give us a free pass to look sloppy. 

Hopefully the nike, reeboks, and's of the world are listening. Give us some options!



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